Needle Latch for the Medical Device Industry

A client in the medical device sector approached South Shore Manufacturing about manufacturing a completed part. The needle latch in question required wire electro-discharge machining (EDM), vertical milling, and heat treating.


Project Challenges

This project presented a number of challenges. All end products needed to be deburred and cleaned in preparation for post-production assembly. We needed to prepare for high production quantities, as the client requested more than 5,000 parts per order. We also had to outsource the heat treating process to one of our trusted third-party vendors.

Our team’s expertise allowed us to pinpoint the optimal approach to the project in accordance with best practices. We also thoroughly vet all of our third-party vendors long before any project outset. Our third party heat treaters and other trusted partners must be able to provide industry-leading results with consistency.


A Unique Solution

We employ a unique approach to the manufacturing process. Our staff retains full traceability on all of our materials, allowing our clients to quickly and easily determine the source and quality of their products. Since this project involved a part for a medical device, traceability was key to ensuring optimal functionality and patient safety.

Once everything was in place, we performed numerous low-quantity prototype runs for the project prior to full production to ensure manufacturing efficiency. We were able to reliably verify the efficacy of the prototypes, ensuring that full production would produce only the highest quality parts.

Our ability to meet high-volume needs with quick turnaround times positions us as an ideal partner for projects on tight schedules. We don’t charge upfront tooling costs, so we were able to get the project underway quickly for the client. This project went from purchase order to prototyping to final production quickly and at a lower cost.


Project Outcome

The client was very satisfied with project outcomes. The client has ordered additional production runs for the same part multiple times since.

This project had benefits for South Shore Manufacturing as well. Through the combination of wire EDM and vertical milling, our team learned an innovative new way to fabricate parts that we’ve been able to use as a template for future projects.

Our team’s extensive manufacturing experience allows us to offer insight throughout design and production. We regularly partner with customers from a wide range of industries. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable working with our team. We demonstrate this through a commitment to efficient production and customer satisfaction. To see how our custom design and production services could benefit your next project, contact us today.


Project Name & Description

Needle Latch


Medical Device

Capabilities Applied
  • Fiber Laser (cut blank)
  • CNC Mill
  • CNC EDM Hole Drilling
  • Wire EDM
Overall Component Dimensions
  • Thickness: .094″
  • Width: .190″
  • Length: .394″
Tightest Tolerances

‘+/- .0001


17-4 Stainless Steel

Quality Control

C=0 Inspection plan, inprocess inspection, and Final Inspection


5,000 per order


2 Weeks Massachusetts, USA