Sear for the Firearms Industry

As part of a military and defense project, one of our clients requested a specialized component of a fire control group (FCG) to support a firearm’s trigger system. This crucial element controls the trigger motion and the hammer and interacts with the safety mechanism. Our client needed a fail-proof component that resisted damage and performed across a wide variety of circumstances.


Project Challenges

One of the largest challenges for this product was the quick turnaround period—two weeks. This was especially difficult due to the complex geometry of the product design. Each part required multiple machine setups and machining processes, including a complex vertical milling process to create the unique component shape.

The client was transitioning manufacturing of this component from another manufacturer with a poor quality record. Our client was receiving multiple reports of poor performance, low-quality parts, and bad user experiences. Along with negative feedback, approximately 20% of the parts from the old manufacture had to be rejected for defects. We knew that we needed to drastically improve the defect rate for this part.

The final challenge for this project was a small budget. The client needed to rein in spending on this project, which meant that our processes needed to be as cost-effective as possible.


A Unique Solution

The project started with a prototyping stage to find the most apt design. Then our company handled the production of over 1,000 units within a two-week period to meet their order demand. For production, our team handled the following machining processes:

  • Wire EDM for 25% of the production process
  • CNC Milling for 75% of the production process
  • Heat treating

Our company works with every client to find personalized design and manufacturing processes that meet their budgets, timelines, and demands. We specialize in producing high-quality parts with complex geometries and within tight tolerances. The unique services we offered as part of this FCG project include the following:

  • Making customized tools and fixtures to aid in the production process
  • Eliminating additional finishing steps, such as grinding, to streamline the production process and meet tight turnaround times
  • A workflow with multiple EDM wire passes for extremely precise fabrications with minimal impact on the timeline

Our team managed to create a streamlined, efficient production process that lowered the production price per unit and implemented an ongoing strategy to prevent rising costs in the future. This ensured client could avoid overspending and stay within their tight projected budget.

After the client transitioned to our company, the 20% rejection rate has lowered to 0%. This quality transformation has led to more business for our client.


Why Choose South Shore Manufacturing?

We have partnered with this defense industry client for several subsequent projects, including production runs of the GCF project. We currently have approximately 20 active projects with this client due to a history of strong performance and reliable outcomes.

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Project Name & Description




Capabilities Applied
  • CNC Mill
  • Heat Treat
  • Wire EDM
Overall Component Dimensions
  • Thickness: .145″
  • Width: .156″
  • Length: .694″
Tightest Tolerances

‘+.0000 / -.0002


S7 Tool Steel

Quality Control

C=0 Inspection plan, inprocess inspection, and Final Inspection


1,000 per order


2 Weeks Hew Hampshire, USA