Since 1985, we have been servicing Industrial companies with precision machining using all available manufacturing processes. We always employ the right tool for the right job – as we have all the tools. We service a wide variety of industries from engineering through production. We employ state of the art shop floor management to assure your products are always done the right way in the right time with the absolute best quality. We are the most cost competitive wire EDM facility in the Northeast.

Some of the industries we serve:

  • Automation
  • Semiconductor
  • Defense
  • Electrical / Electronic
  • Research and Development
  • Consumer
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Food Processing
  • Oceanographic
  • Transportation
  • Power Generation
  • Construction


Our Capabilities

At South Shore Manufacturing, we understand the critical nature of engineered component and tooling. We have been a trusted strategic partner for our customers. In many cases our partnerships have gone on for decades. Our flexible manufacturing processes enable us to manufacture a broad range of items for many industries from prototype runs, initial production, to full production.

We pride ourselves in our relentless efforts to improve our manufacturing process. In doing this we are the most cost competitive, high quality, and delivery driven company in New England. Our goal is to assure all of our customers are successful and have a high degree of trust in our highly skilled staff.

Along with our component manufacturing capabilities we have extensive experience in the fabrication of progressive die tooling, mold tooling, plastic and metal extrusion dies, fixturing, and gages. To support our EDM operation, we have a full toolroom with conventional machining capabilities. As it makes sense, South Shore Manufacturing will vertically integrate internal manufacturing capabilities to control quality, reduce cost, and reduce lead times.


What Makes Us Unique

At South Shore Manufacturing, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to make custom designs come to life. By partnering with us for their precision machining needs, customers benefit from our:

  • Certified supplier list. We rigorously vet our material suppliers to ensure that we receive the highest quality raw materials for our production operations. This screening translates to greater assurance that we will deliver the best possible parts and products. Upon customer request, we provide documentation for material certification.
  • Expert staff. We have 13 in-house technicians who have years of technical experience in multiple fabrication processes, including EDM, water jet cutting, CNC machining, laser cutting, and laser marking and engraving.
  • Multiple certifications. We maintain certifications from the American Systems Registrar (ASR) and ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100D compliance, so customers can trust in the reliability, consistency, and accuracy of our products.
  • Superior customer service. Our customer service team is ready to help every customer throughout the production process. They ensure strict adherence to the contract, purchase order, and design requirements. Most customer queries receive a response within 24 hours. Same day response is provided where possible.
  • Pre-production services. We offer sampling and prototyping as needed. These services allow us to test for manufacturability and customers to inspect for compliance with their specifications before committing to a full production run.
  • Broad machining capabilities. We take a project from initial CAD design to material sourcing to machined part. Depending on the needs of the customer, we create rough pieces that undergo secondary finishing operations at the customer’s facility or high precision parts that are 80% complete and only need their final cuts.

Altogether, these qualities allow us to deliver high quality, high accuracy products on time and at competitive prices. Whether you need a prototype or final product for your part design, we are here to help. To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, see our services page.