Laser Cutting vs. Water Jet Cutting

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Cutting is an important step in nearly every manufacturing project. It makes raw material easier to handle and helps it achieve the proper shape and size. There are many cutting methods available, each of which has distinct advantages and disadvantages that make it suitable for different applications. Two of the most commonly used processes to […]

Production Wire EDM

How Does Wire EDM Work?

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Wire electrical discharge machining, also known as wire EDM, is a contact-free machining method that uses a thin metal wire to conduct an electrical current. The current creates sparks, which are used to accurately cut a workpiece into the pre-programmed design. At South Shore Manufacturing, we offer high-quality wire EDM services to meet the needs […]

Jack’s Machine Company is Now South Shore Manufacturing

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Jack’s Machine Company is now doing business as South Shore Manufacturing. As of the past few years, Jack’s Machine Company is under new leadership and has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and capacity beyond the core competence of Wire EDM. The company’s focus is still on Wire EDM and the company has also expanded its in-house […]